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While the Federal Government generally encourages the development and commercialization of innovation from its contracting community, all too often, the contractors are unaware of intellectual property protection necessary to operate in the commercial and non-commercial marketplaces.

Stein IP LLC understands the contracting vehicles for a successful public-private partnership to best preserve our clients' research and development investments both in the commercial marketplace and in the world of Federal procurement.

The Internet has created a vast new array of opportunities, while at the same time, introduced a host of potential new business and legal issues to address. As a result, state and international borders, and their corresponding protections and limitations, have become less meaningful.

Whether it be protecting trademarks or copyrights, eliminating cyber-squatters, or considering other entities' IP and avoiding potential problems in the context of the Internet, Stein IP attorneys have a world-wide perspective and knowledge which enables us to counsel our clients appropriately.

We have initiated ICANN procedures, pursued and defended matters in various state and federal courts, and considered the issues related to the ever changing landscape of Top Level Domains (TLDs). Our technical backgrounds give us an enhanced appreciation of the legal situations which inevitably arise.

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