About USinoIP **

Main areas USinoIP has served in include

  • Patent search and analysis
  • Patent FTO analysis
  • Patent technology transfer
  • Patent invalidation and appeal
  • Patent training
  • IP management

  • Mr. Liu BinQiang

    Mr. Liu BinQiang, CEO of USinoIP, received his Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from WuXi Light Industry University, China in 2003 and Master of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Xi’an University of Technology, China in 2006. He then got his law degree from IP from UNH Law (formerly Franklin Pierce Law Center), USA in 2014. Mr. Liu is senior patent agent, designated coach by China Patent Office and national leading talent in patent information analysis.

    Mr. Liu founded USinoIP after his graduation from UNH Law in Sept. 2014. Initially, USinoIP is uniquely doing business between China and US, providing high-level and expertise patent service for customers. As the USino brand grows, its service scope has grown geographically to beyond China and US and its serving markets has expanded from patent to trademarks and other IP niche markets as well.

    Mr. Liu entered the IP industry after he graduated from master study and worked as patent examiner at SIPO. 7+ years later, Mr. Liu decided to go into the private area and first went to America to study IP law, where he would learn best practices in IP field and also set up a strong network that would later benefit his business back in China.

    Mr. Liu is a prolific researcher and writer and has published more than 20 papers on patent and IP topics. He has done dozens of research programs when he worked for SIPO. Mr. Liu is also co-author of 3 IP books and has done tens of hundreds of seminars and public speeches at various conferences and forums.

    Mr. Liu has strong expertise in patent strategy making, patent mining, patent analysis, patent license (monetization) and patent litigation. His proficient knowledge in both Chinese and US IP law has helped him navigate challenging problems customers are facing and found well functioning solutions for them.

    Mr. Liu is member of various IP groups such as AIPLA, LES, PIUG and also arbitrator of Zhuhai International Arbitration Committee. His working language includes Chinese, English and German.

    USino IP is not owned by Stein IP LLC