About USinoIP **

Main areas USinoIP has served in include

  • Patent search and analysis
  • Patent FTO analysis
  • Patent technology transfer
  • Patent invalidation and appeal
  • Patent training
  • IP management

  • Mr. Feng ZhaoLong

    Mr. Feng ZhaoLong, received a Bachelor of Science degree in Food Science and Engineering from the University of NanChang, China in 2008, and a Master degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of GuangZhou, China in 2011. Mr. Feng is certified to audit corporate IP management system by CNCA (Certification and Accreditation Administration of the People's Republic of China).

    Mr. ZhaoLong started his Engineer career after graduation in June 2011 and worked in R&D department of Shenzhen East Sunshine Industrial Development Co., Ltd., where he took sole charge on various R&D programs from the initial set-up stage, to experimental, trial stage, mid-scale production stage down to the real produce of products. And this career period armed Mr. Feng with sophisticated skills in R&D program management, R&D fee management and IP management as well.

    From June 2013 to August 2014, Mr. ZhaoLong took his new position as assistant General Manager at Dongguan Jiu Sen New Energy Co., Ltd., and he supervised all science program operations and IP management all over the company. Under his leadership, Dongguan Jiu Sen earned dozens of valuable certifications from governments and associations, including High-tech Company Recognition, Provincial Engineering Center, and Specified Fund-Aid on “Machine-replaced-Labor” program etc. Besides, Mr. Zhao was responsible for IP search, IP risk valuation, patent application evaluation and patent procurement. His team was able to best utilize patent information analysis techniques and provided successful decision-making advices for corporate R&D.

    Mr. ZhaoLong joined USinoIP in Sept. 2014 as COO (Chief Operation Office) and is in charge of IP management for customers where he and his team provide clients with one-stop overall solutions surround R&D and IP management.

    USino IP is not owned by Stein IP LLC