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Chemistry and chemical engineering turn raw materials found in nature to materials that are the building blocks used by manufacturers to develop products for end-users. Energy efficient, lighter, smaller and environmentally safe products and processes are in increasing demand in our society. New applications of obsolete materials, like recycling, can save money, create less waste, and may be cheaper to apply than starting from scratch. Our attorneys have worked in the labs and government agencies, undergone the technical training, and have the skill set to comprehend modern day advancements and challenges that arise in the fields of chemistry and chemical engineering.

Our Representative Technology Areas

Chemical, inorganic and organic chemistry, nuclear and radiochemistry, environmental sciences and technology, photochemistry, toxicology and risk assessment, fuel cell technology, battery technology, crystallization techniques, chemical aspects of electronic display device technology, analytical chemistry, nanotechnology.

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Innovations for profitable growth

Innovation can take shape through years of research or as the spark of an idea. Our attorneys can guide clients through the patent process from the initial patentability study through the grant of patent rights to achieve for our clients the most comprehensive patent protection in the most efficient way possible, whether in the United States or elsewhere in the world.

Turning ideas into action

Such experience provides us with insights into clients' legal challenges and opportunities.

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We customize our service to meet your needs.

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Our attorneys have significant hands-on industry experience organic chemistry, biochemistry and life sciences.

Challenging the status quo

Stein IP provides a legal team to devise a winning strategy.We aggressively protect our clients' intellectual property assets.

Our Clients are

Biological and Pharmaceutical

We are with you every step of the way.

Biotechnology, cellular and molecular biology, molecular oncology, protein biochemistry, bioinformatics, genomics, gene arrays, stem cells, proteomics, biological sensors, expression systems, gene therapy, bioassays, vaccine technology and immunology, monoclonal antibodies, neurobiology, molecular diagnostics, bioengineering.

Pharmaceutical Sciences, new chemical entities, novel compounds, crystalline (polymorphic) forms, solvates, hydrates, drug delivery systems, pharmaceutical formulations, high throughput systems, compound libraries, combinatorial chemistry, extraction, separation, isolation and purification technologies, pharmaceutical chemistry, radiopharmaceuticals, routes of synthesis of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), diagnostics, theranostics, pharmacogenomics, all various types of therapeutic applications (e.g., hepatic, renal, anti-inflammatory, pulmonary, endocrine, cardiovascular, CNS, immune, antibiotic, antiviral, etc).