Electrical and Mechanical Engineering

Stein IP has the capabilities to understand hard-core strictly electrical, strictly computer, strictly internet, strictly mechanical, and also intersection of these fields and those of chemistry and biotechnology.

Examples of Electrical Technologies:

computer hardware and software architectures, business applications, telecommunications (including cellular and satellite systems) and Internet-related systems (including electronic commerce and network security), medical devices and systems, diagnostic equipment, robotics and a wide variety of consumer electronic products, such as, information storage and retrieval systems, televisions and related video systems and digital display panels, photographic and electro-photographic devices, document handling, retrieval and manipulation hardware and software, and solid state and optical memory devices, and semiconductor systems and fabrication technology, 3-D printing and design.

Mechanical and
Electro-Mechanical Industry-broad

Engines, motors, automatic and manual control systems for different devices such as engines, semiconductor fabrication and image forming apparatus,, concrete and other types of building structures, toys, clothing, automotive parts, robotics


Materials and processes to form semiconductors and other products, testing equipment, medical equipment to assess and improve human conditions and performance

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